St Paul's Catholic College VLE: Courses
  • During the next six weeks you will be completing a module in Theological Reasoning that looks at the

  • In this module you will consider different type of journeys people will take in life, focusing particularly upon pilgrimage.  There will be the opportunity to take part in a stilling exercise and ask a guest speaker about their own journeys throughout life.

  • An Introduction to Ideas surounding Islam Post 9/11

    An introduction into the controversial ideas that surround Islam after the events that have stemmed from 9/11. To look at how the media portrays Islam and question whether fundamentalist ideas have been established from what the media shows us or are they deep rooted within the religion itself

  • An Introduction to Year 13 Theological Reasoning

    The Theological Reasoning course in Year 13 builds upon the units studied in Year 12. In Year 13, there is a more practical element to the course as it prepares students for

  • An Introduction to Year 12 Theological Reasoning

    Throughout the course, you are encouraged to explore the human search for Truth and to make use of our own experience of searching for both truth and meaning in life. We will seek to understand more about why Catholics believe that a relationship with God and with others is essential to being fully human. We will also explore how belonging to a community like the Church can express and support human development.

    Through learning and research we will consider some of the religious dimensions of life. These may already be familiar, but can now be explored in greater depth and richness. They can and should also include things which are sometimes not thought of as religious, such as: