St Paul's Catholic College VLE: Courses
  • What do historians do? In this module you will be looking at the different skills you need to become a great historian.
  • This module is a source module which looks at why the Roman Army was so strong?

  • In this module, you will be studying different aspects of the Roman Empire. With this information, you will be making a decision about whether life was good or bad in the Roman Empire. You will be assessed by conducting an independent research project.

  • In 1066 Britain was invaded yet again by a man known as William Duke of Normandy. This was to change life in britain enormously and many of the changes are still with us today

  • What did the Romans ever do for us?

    So much remains from the years when Rome dominated the Western World. This course examines what we have left and what we learned from their skills and culture.

  • This material supports the first 3 year 7 modules. It contains lessons, lesson resources, ILTs and students support materials.